H&M X Moschino (TV): Is It For You?

If you have ever watched a Moschino, by Jeremy Scott, runway show you will know that his fashion aesthetic is fun, playful and over the top. So don’t be surprised if the upcoming designer collaboration H&M X Moschino bears much the same fruit. The collection is filled with cartoons, shiny metallics, over-the-top accessories, and an array of statement-making prints. While the pieces are certainly varied with inspirations from all over the pop culture globe, on thing unites them –  ’90s nostalgia. It’s almost like your 90s childhood has returned in full force and slapped you across the face. And we aren’t mad about it (well, maybe a little).

Every year H&M drops a designer collaboration as a way to bring ‘haute-couture’ dreams to the high street. The past has seen a full range of designers from Lanvin to Versace, and even Karl Lagerfeld. But this collaboration might be youngest, and freshest, yet – this is definitely streetwear not eveningwear. Moreover, this is not a collection for the faint of heart or fashion risk averse.

The Lowdown
In need of some electric blue work boots, XXL jeans big enough for two, leather overalls, or lots of stonewashed denim? How about sweats printed with trompe l’oiel layered gold chains? There is a lot going on in this collection; almost every Disney character makes an appearance. There are hockey jerseys that will remind you of a Criss Cross video. Finally, there is even a gold sequined oversized parka that will remind you of Jenny from the Block.  This all may seem like too much but don’t worry there are some great pieces we think anyone could work into their wardrobe.

Our Picks

The Biker Jacket may seem over the top with its gold chain furnishings but that is the point. Pair it with some simple black skinny jeans and a white tee for the perfect Friday night going out outfit.

Overalls have been making a comeback but we have to admit there is something appealing about a leather overall. If leather is not your thing, maybe them out in denim. Just don’t wear them shirtless a la Marky Mark.

Well if this is all too much for your buttoned-up wardrobe, opt for a classic Micky and Minnie Mouse Moschino Tee. It’s a classic and can work into anyone wardrobe.

Want to amp up your winter wardrobe and stand out in a sea of black wool coats, go golden with the gold sequin winter parka. After all fashion is supposed to be fun, right?

Just don’t say we didn’t prep you…. The whole collection drops in select H&M stores around the world on November 8th. Line up early, these collaborations always sell out. You can check out the full collection on HM.com

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