5 Ways To Feel Better When You Have A Cold

5 ways to feel better when you have a cold (Photo: Shutterstock/bikeriderlondon)

When you catch a cold, it feels like the worst thing ever, does it not? From the sneezing and coughing to the runny nose, you feel absolutely miserable for a couple of days and feel helpless about not being able to cure something as seemingly minor as the common cold. Rather than sulk on the couch, take a few steps that’ll help you feel a bit better until you fully recover.

Drink up

Staying well hydrated is key when you’ve got a cold because your body’s mucous is part of what helps prevent you from getting sick, and when you’re dehydrated your mucousal barrier doesn’t work as optimally. Eating foods that are hydrating is a good idea, too—so soups and juicy fruits, for example, are a good idea when you’ve caught a cold

Eat oranges

Or take vitamin C supplements. If you manage to catch your cold early enough, taking a bigger dose of vitamin C (about six grams daily for three days up to a week) may help reduce your symptoms and lessen how severe they are.

Take Ibuprofen

If you’re feeling quite under the weather and want to take some meds to alleviate how crummy you feel, Ibuprofen or acetaminophen may help.

Use a decongestant

If your cold has you all stuffed up, head to the pharmacy for a decongestant so you can breathe a little easier. Be sure to follow the instructions on how to use it (some decongestants can raise blood pressure if you take them longer than you are intended to).

Dine on chicken soup

It’s  not just an old wive’s tale that chicken soup is good for a cold. Research published in the journal Chest has shown that chicken soup appears to have compounds that help block or delay cells from gathering in the lung area.

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