Hangover Helper

Above: A few tips that will help you feel better when you've had one too many

Have one (or several) too many drinks with your buddies last night and paying for it today? You always swear you won’t do this ever again because you feel horrible, but you know you will. To help ease the symptoms of your hangover, here are a few things you can do.


All of that alcohol has left you dehydrated so it’s important to restore your hydration so keep a bottle of water nearby and sip regularly. If you can stomach more than water, then you can try a smoothie so that you can also get some potassium and antioxidants into your body as well.

Take a painkiller such as Tylenol

For fast relief, a painkiller will help you better able to face the day by helping with that throbbing pain in your head, but know that it’s only masking your symptoms rather than getting rid of them.

Eat eggs

Once you’re feeling less queasy and can think about getting some food into you, eggs are a smart option as they contain cystein. This is a compound that helps breakdown acetaldehyde, the toxic by product of alcohol produced by the liver. Besides, eggs also are loaded with vitamins and minerals, m making it a healthy choice when your body’s dehydrated and depleted after your night out.


If eating eggs is a little bit ambitious for you considering your stomach is still doing flip flops, then plain toast or crackers is a good, safe choice food-wise. The carbs will help you bring your blood-sugar back up (which has dropped because your liver is too busy trying to process all of the alcohol you drank). Some toast will help you feel less tired.


While there’s no scientific proof exercise can help ease your hangover, working up a sweat may simply make you feel better about yourself—plus the endorphins can kick in and play a part in that as well. Mentally, you’ll also probably feel less guilty and bloated by all of the empty calories you downed if you fit in a bit of exercise, after all.

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