Jock Yoga Tutorial: Hip-Opening Push-ups

Above: Michael DeCorte demonstrates hip-opening push-ups (Photo credits: Glenn Gebhardt)

Jock Yoga classes aim to provide stretches and movements catered to helping average inflexible people (men) and athletes. However, Jock Yoga is not intended as a ‘lay-around and passively stretch out your muscles’ type yoga class—rather we like to create dynamic movement patterns and stretching techniques to keep the participant active and engaged while reaping the benefits of yoga. This week’s tutorial will lead participants through a movement pattern that can actively stretch the entire hip region.

The following exercise can be practiced on its own and can be beneficial after any physical activity—especially running. You may want to follow some of our previous yoga flow tutorials or leg strengthening flows as a warm-up activity prior to this exercise.

Hip-Opening Push-ups:

Jock Yoga Tutorial: Hip-Opening Push-ups

Step 1: Position yourself on your mat so you are facing the front with your left foot at the front corner, and your right leg extended behind you with the toes curled under (you can begin with your back knee down if needed). Your left foot should be slightly closer to the front of the mat than your knee, and turned out on a 45 degree angle. *There are two ways of doing this exercise: The photos illustrate that the front foot is rolled open onto the outer arch with the foot flexed for safety—this position targets an outer hip and leg stretch, while keeping the foot flat on the mat will target more of the underside and inside of the leg. Please note that if you choose the first option to roll the foot open, it is imperative to keep the foot flexed to not over-stretch the ankle*

Step 2: Press the back of your upper arm against the left shin, and place your hand flat on the mat outside of your foot. Place your right hand flat on the outside of the mat—in a wide push-up position.

 Jock Yoga Tutorial: Hip-Opening Push-ups

Step 3) You can now lift your back knee up for more height. On an exhale, bend your elbows enough to feel the stretching in the outer or inner left hip/leg depending on foot position, and look to the left. On your inhale, press into your hands to lift back up into a high push-up position. On your exhale, bend the elbows again and look to the right. *Continue this as many times as you’d like while always breathing deeply through your nose along with the movements. You may want to begin with a more shallow push up and increase the depth as you feel you hip waking up a little. However many you do, repeat the same exercise and number of repetitions with the right leg forward.

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