Personal Trainer Tips: Wide Pull-Up

Learn how to perform a Wide Pull-Up (Photos by: Timothy Flynn - Dearhunter Photography)
Learn how to perform a Wide Pull-Up (Photos by: Timothy Flynn - Dearhunter Photography)

The Wide Pull-Up is a popular exercise that targets your back, biceps and forearms.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to properly perform a Wide Pull-Ups

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 Wide Pull-Up Instructions:

Personal Trainer Tips: Wide Pull-Ups

Step One: Start by grabbing the pull up bar with an overhand grip about shoulder width apart with your core engaged, elbows straight and chest out.

 Personal Trainer Tips: Wide Pull-Ups

Step Two: Begin pulling your body weight up exhaling for a count of 2 seconds.

 Personal Trainer Tips: Wide Pull-Ups

Step Three: Proceed going down inhaling for a count of 4 seconds until you are back into the starting position.

Step Four: Repeat 12 -15 times with a weight that is challenging for the last few reps while maintaining good form.

* Wide Pull-Up Trainer Tips

• Work within a controlled full range of motion.
• Don’t swing your legs or use momentum to pull your body up, keep your thighs in-line with your torso and maintain a neutral spine.
• Start off with just your body weight. Once the 12 – 15 repetitions are met with good quality, increase the intensity by adding weight.
• If you find that you do not have the strength to perform this exercise, use a pull up assisted machine if available.

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Andrew Santoso

Andrew Santoso is a Toronto based Personal Trainer that has a Diploma in the Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program from George Brown College. He is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) and with the Canadian Fitness Professionals (CANFITPRO).

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