StatsCan: Smoking Rates Remain Steady

Last year, 20.3% of Canadians reported they smoke daily or occasionally (Photo credit: ansar80/Shutterstock)

Some habits die hard. It seems many Canadians can’t to resist the urge to light up their daily cigarette.  

A Statistics Canada report found that 20.3% of Canadians smoke daily or occasionally, a figure that has stayed relatively the same since 2009. The report found that the highest percentage of smokers are found in the 20-34 age group.

This news comes despite an increasing amount of effort by the Canadian government to bring these numbers down. Policies have been implemented to make larger warning labels on cigarette packages and ban smoking from public places. But it looks like some Canadians haven’t been getting the message.

The good news is, the same report found that Canadians are drinking less and are becoming more physically active. More than half of Canadians said they were “moderately active” or better. However a lot of work still needs to be done to bring down high obesity rates. About 4.7 Canadian adults are reportedly obese.  

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