Running Gear You Need

A GPS watch will help keep you motivated (Photo: Käfer photo/Shutterstock)

You’ve run your first race, and have already registered for your next one. You’ve caught that running bug and now that you’re hooked, it’s time to invest in some proper running gear if you haven’t already. These six pieces of running gear will help keep you running comfortably and may help you on your way to becoming a better runner.

Running shoes

You’ve already got pair, but are they the right ones for you? If you’re curious about barefoot running, consider trying a lightweight pair of natural runners (such as the Nike Free and Reebok RealFlex). If you prefer ones that offer more support, go into a shop that specializes in running so the staff can help you find the right shoe for your foot strike.

Sweatwicking gear

If you’ve been throwing on any old T-shirt and shorts, you’ll find running in the warm weather much more comfortable with some technical-fabric running gear that’ll help keep you cooler than your cotton pieces.

Anti-chafing balm

Two words for you: bleeding nipples. Ouch. Prevent this from happening on your longer distances with some anti-chafing balm such as BodyGlide.

A GPS running watch

Set it for your walk/run intervals so you’re no longer estimating them with your regular watch. Your running data — your pace, distance and speed — will help keep you motivated. Add notes such as which runners you wore and the weather to help you better understand and improve your running.

Fuel belt

Holding your water bottle (or simply relying on water fountains) may have been fine thus far, but if you’re increasing your distance (not to mention the warm summer weather), you need to ensure you’re regularly hydrating and replacing your electrolytes. Throw some gels or energy chews into the belts pouch and water or a sports drink into the bottle so you can focus on maintaining good running form with your free hands.

Double-layered running socks

Blisters on your feet don’t go hand in hand with being a runner. Running socks with two layers and made of merino wool, silk, nylon or rayon (some with mesh or cushioning strategically placed) will be kinder to your feet than cotton sport socks.

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