Henry Cavill Shows How To Become A Man Of Steel With Workout Video For The National Guard

Henry Cavill shows how he got his Man Of Steel body in a new workout video (Photos: National Guard)

Henry Cavill has given fans a glimpse of the grueling fitness regime that helped get him into superhero shape for Man Of Steel. Cavill ditches his shirt and shares his experience training to become a cinema superhero in the new Soldier of Steel advertising campaign for the National Guard.

Cavill is seen raising kettlebells and lifting massive weights in a new promotional video that the National Guard in the US is using to encourage people to take on their own Superman style challenges. The 30-year-old British actor explains that he pushed himself to the limit in the pre-shoot training, an ethos which the US Army’s National Guard felt was great inspiration for their own recruits.

“Mark [Twight] is probably one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met,” Cavill reveals in the video of his trainer. “He’s opened my eyes to seeing past what I thought were my limits… One hundred per cent the training has been a genuine discovery. Much like Superman could discover he could fly, I learnt I could do all sorts of things in the gym which I never thought were possible.”

Twight adds that the “process of self-discovery that Superman goes through in the film, it’s a process that a soldier will go through to see if they have what it takes.”

Watch the Soldier of Steel campaign video below:

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