Jock Yoga Tutorial: Jock Yoga Flow

Learn how to complete a Jock Yoga flow (Photo credits: Glenn Gebhardt)

The last Jock Yoga tutorial prompted you to begin moving (and sweating!) by introducing the breakdown of a basic yoga flow. This time around we will add onto that and begin the breakdown of a basic Jock Yoga flow—incorporating more movement, challenge, and overall benefits including strengthening and stretching of the shoulders, arms, legs and hips.

You may want to practice steps 1 through 9 of last week’s tutorial any number of times to warm yourself up for the added vigour of this week’s flow.  Also, reference to upward dog, downward dog, plank etc. will be used, and you can easily find the breakdown of these poses in last week’s tutorial.

*After practicing this week’s tutorial, you might also want to continue into a lengthened yoga practice and incorporate some of the hip and shoulder stretches from previous tutorials.*

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Jock Yoga Flow

Jock Yoga Tutorial - Jock Yoga Flow

Step 1: Repeat steps one through 8 of last week’s basic yoga flow, until you arrive in downward dog.

Jock Yoga Tutorial - Jock Yoga Flow

Step 2: From downward dog, lift your right leg up and back, and then step it forward between your hands, so that you are in a runner’s lunge.

Jock Yoga Tutorial - Jock Yoga Flow

Step 3: From runner’s lunge, you can remain on the ball of your back foot, or drop the back heel so that the foot is on a 45 degree angle and pressing down evenly and firmly into the mat. With an inhale, keeping the front knee bent, lift your torso and arms to come into warrior one (back heel down) or crescent lunge (on ball of back foot).

Jock Yoga Tutorial - Jock Yoga Flow

Step 4: On your exhale, remain in your stance, but interlace your fingers behind your back. With an inhale, pull your hands back to open your chest.

Jock Yoga Tutorial - Jock Yoga Flow

Step 5: On your exhale, fold forward with your torso to the inside of your front knee, keeping your front outer hip hugging in toward midline. Roll your shoulders forward and let your arms come off your back.

Jock Yoga Tutorial - Jock Yoga Flow

Step 6: On your next inhale, come back up to warrior one (or crescent lunge), reaching your arms in the air.

Jock Yoga Tutorial - Jock Yoga Flow

Step 7: From warrior one (or crescent lunge), on your exhale, fold forward and step back to high plank, lower to chaturanga, upward dog, downward dog and then repeat on the other side.

Step 8: After you have practiced both sides, return to standing at the front of your mat following the basic yoga flow steps, and repeat as many times as you’d like. *Five repetitions on each side should really get you sweating!*

Check back every other week for a new Jock Yoga tutorial by fitness expert Michael DeCorte.

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