6 Dos And Don’ts Of Doing A Juice Cleanse

Above: Planning a detox or juice cleanse? (Photo: zstock/Shutterstock)

Are you about to embark on a detox? Here are six dos and don’ts to consider when you are planning a detox or juice cleanse.

Do start with a short cleanse

Although your neighbour boasts about the two-week cleanse that helped him get into fantastic shape, if it’s your first cleanse, it is best to start with a short one—three days is reasonable for most people. Remember that your health history and lifestyle habits factor in as well, so what works for one person may not work for the next. With a short cleanse complete, you’ll be better able to judge what type and length of cleanse you can handle the next time should you wish to try it again.

Don’t exercise vigorously when doing a juice cleanse

Your body needs fuel to get through a workout. When you’re on a juice cleanse and consuming limited calories, your body won’t have the sufficient food it needs to give you energy for exercise nor the nutrients and minerals you need after you exercise to replenish your energy stores and help muscles repair. If you do try to work out, you may find yourself feeling dizzy, nauseous and just plain tired. Light activity is fine when on a cleanse—just be sure to listen to your body.

Do check with your doctor before starting a juice cleanse

If you have any health conditions or on any medications, it’d be smart to consult your doctor before ordering up a juice cleanse. If you have diabetes, for example, the concentration of fruit sugars in juice may casue your blood sugar to spike. Sweet fruits and veggies in general should be limited in your juices for this very reason for everyone’s homemade juices.

Don’t let your green juices sit around

You want to consume your green juices when at their freshest, when they contain live enzymes that have yet to degrade. The longer a green juice is exposed to air, these beneficial enzymes start to break down and, thus, become less nutritious. Typically, juices last about three days (unless they’ve been pasteurized).

Do “chew” your green juice

Your juices are not designed to be guzzled. You should chew them, or rather swish them around your mouth quickly before swallowing the juice. Doing this triggers your saliva to relase digestive nezumes that help get the juice’s nutrient to the cell’s in your body.

Do ease in and out of the juice cleanse

Although you may be tempted to dive into a pile of fried chicken and burgers right before your cleanse since you won’t be eating for several days, it’s best if you prepare your body before and after your cleanse. This means cutting down on processed foods, refined sugars and flour, and alcohol both in the days leading up to your cleanse, and the three days following it, too. Doing so will help your body better manage the elimination of toxins.


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