My Yoga Journey To Jock Yoga

Time for Jock Yoga with Michael DeCorte (Photo credits: Glenn Gebhardt)

Years ago I was dragged to an after-work yoga class at my local gym by a few colleagues. I was uncoordinated, slightly confused and sore the next morning… but a few days later I found myself wandering back into the studio. Solo. I quickly became a regular, sitting (almost) at the front of the class, chatting with the instructors and showing off crazy postures to my friends at parties.

I continued studying over the years at different studios, tried hot yoga and even took a few hardcore classes on the beach in Thailand one summer. And then, for no particular reason, I stopped.

Last summer I decided to jump back on the yoga train when I took my first Jock Yoga class. Taught by fitness expert and founder Michael DeCorte, the class is notoriously one of the toughest in the country bringing even the most macho of men to the mat. It’s a challenging practice designed to bring out your inner athlete, focusing on strength over flexibility.

I left sweat-drenched that day. It was the best workout I had in a long time.

This week we begin a new fitness series on AmongMen with Jock Yoga’s founder, Michael DeCorte. Every other week for the next several months we’ll be bringing you quick and easy “Jock Yoga” tutorials, designed by Michael that you can try out in the comfort of your own home. Give it a try… you may be surprised. And, a little sweaty.


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