Safety First: Easy Tips To Safely Consume Cannabis

Before you medicate yourself, it’s a good idea to educate yourself
Safety First: Easy Tips To Safely Consume Cannabis

Legalization is finally a reality here in Canada and if everything goes according to plan, anyone over the age of 19 will be able to purchase cannabis as early as next summer. This big government push for legalization is more proof that the public perception of weed is changing, but what the move means for the workplace remains a bit foggy. This notion is especially true if you happen to be a medicinal user.

If you’ve been prescribed cannabis and plan to use it throughout the day, it’s important to disclose this all to your employer. We understand that approaching superiors with this information may seem complicated or even intimidating, but it’s absolutely crucial. Cannabis in the workplace is a bit of a complicated matter, so to better understand the situation, get acquainted with these helpful facts. Before you medicate yourself, it’s a good idea to educate yourself.

Know your rights
Medicinal marijuana applies to the same rules as your average prescription. This means you’re entitled to medicate at work and your employers are legally required to be accommodating. There are exceptions of course. If your job requires you to operate machinery or vehicles, you may be out of luck. You also won’t be able to bring cannabis with you on international business trips.

Be honest and considerate
It’s important to be transparent with your employer. Despite new regulations, medicinal marijuana is still a relatively new concept, and it’s best to be patient and understanding when discussing restrictions with superiors. If you’re lucky enough to have an open-minded workplace, it’s only fair to be equally cooperative and considerate with those around you.

Make sure you have the right documentation
Before you negotiate with your boss, be prepared to present a physician’s note. You’ll need to have legal proof at the ready before lighting up near the workplace. Walking in without proper documentation is irresponsible and will be a major issue.

Every case is different
Just because you have a prescription doesn’t necessarily mean you can smoke, vape, or ingest freely in the office. Likewise, if your responsibility or job description is altered, your ability to use marijuana may also change. Also, keep in mind that consumption will alter your labour and a boss will certainly inform you if this is an immediate conflict. It’s important to speak with them in order to find best practices. Ultimately, if you are not be able to light up at work, you will be free to do so at home

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