You Can Now Stream Movies, TV Shows, And Sports While You Use Your Peloton

With Peloton Entertainment, the combination of entertainment and working out has never been more convenient…

Peloton has officially launched Peloton Entertainment, which lets members stream live sports, TV and movies from their Bike, Bike+, Tread or Row as they work out. Even better? It looks like this much-requested feature, which has been in various levels of beta testing since June 2023, is here to stay.

“Introducing Peloton Entertainment-stream TV shows, movies, and sports right from your Peloton Bike, Tread, and Row,” said the official statement on Instagram.

Peloton Entertain is now accessible to all All-Access Membership customers. After updating their device, users can locate the new feature by clicking on the ‘Entertainment’ tab located at the bottom of the touchscreen. (NOTE: To start tracking your numbers as a Peloton Workout, click “Start Workout” at the top of the page after pressing play on your streaming option)

Peloton Entertainment has slowly been rolling out globally in the markets that Peloton currently serves, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Australia (though some streaming services are only available in select markets). Of course you’ll need your own subscription for any of the subscription-based services!

At this time, depending on the region you are in, Peloton Entertainment lets members access Netflix, Disney+, Max, YouTube TV, and the NBA League Pass on their equipment. (Individual streaming services may require subscriptions to their services to view content on Peloton Entertainment.) The NBA League Pass, which lets members watch NBA games live on the Bike, Tread or Row, is currently the sole service that is not listed as beta but users may continue to use other services that are still in beta, although there can be sporadic bugs as the platform works to improve the new function.

With Peloton Entertainment, the combination of entertainment and working out has never been more convenient, and we’re excited about the endless possibilities this new feature holds.

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