Drink Up! The Aesthetic Benefits Of H2O

No one’s ever said grooming is skin deep, but everyone’s heard that beauty is. It’s an old school mentality, because today’s man is just as concerned about his appearance as he is his career, his family and friends and probably even his dog. So when you take into consideration that your body is 60 per cent water, it only makes sense that to you need to drink your fair share to look good. Fitnessgoat.net’s Jamal Bara shares TK ways and reasons to drink more water.

Reduce wrinkles
When your skin feels dry and rough or looks dull and uneven, chances are you’re dehydrated. All of our body parts benefit from water, including our biggest organ. “Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water a day hydrates your skin, plumping it out and giving it a healthy, more youthful-looking glow,” says Bara. It can also help to prevent dryness and chapping or cracking skin.

Enhance your make-out sessions
Water helps combat bad breath, rinsing away and diluting the nasty chemical mixtures that bacteria in your mouth can create, so you can get up close and personal with your SO. It’s also good for the health of your mouth in general, as it washes away sugar and other substances that can cause tooth and gum decay. “Plus, it helps your body manufacture saliva, which is important for your chewing and digestive process,” says Bara.

Flatten your beer belly
Feeling a little backed up or bloated and yet you haven’t had a boy’s night out in over a month? Water helps your body get rid of toxins and keeps your kidneys, which flush out those very toxins, healthy and happy even when you haven’t been clinking pints. “This helps to reduce the risk of kidney stones, urinary tract infections, constipation and other negative health effects,” says Bara. Dark yellow or even yellow urine is a sign you need to up your water ante so keep gulping it back until what you’re flushing is as clear as what you’re drinking.

Maximize your athleticism
Putting down the sports drinks and replacing them with water is always a good idea. For starters, you lose water and electrolytes when you work out, which can make you feel sluggish. “Maintaining good water intake, especially when you’re active, is important for keeping your energy high and getting the most out of your activity,” says Bara. Plus, sugary drinks create inflammation and can make your face and body look puffy.

Reduce fatigue
Do you really want to walk around looking like an old man, long before you should? When you’re dehydrated, your body pumps less oxygen to your organs, which in turn can make you feel sluggish and sleepy and can cause you to walk slowly and with hunched shoulders. “The more water you take in throughout the day, the better your body is able to supply your organs with the oxygen they need, making you feel your best,” says Bara. If you find yourself feeling tired, rest for a bit and drink a glass or two of water. Forget the caffeinated energy drinks; opt for a few glasses of the good stuff instead.

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