A Close Shave With The Panasonic ES-ST25K

Above: The Panasonic ES-ST25K

One hour to full charge and then the 3-blade Panasonic ES-ST25K is fired up to erase the shaving brush’s suns. With two speeds— both of which make that electric-razor-trademark foreboding buzz— its slim black form vibrates in the hand, a lizard bred with a pen. Designed in Italy, and part of Panasonic’s Milano Collection of men’s grooming products, the ES-ST25K proclaims its luxuriousness the moment it’s taken out of the box. It’s cool, it’s got palaver.

Good for both a wet and dry shave, the ES-ST25K has a comfortable, gliding weight as it shivers over the jaw. Something about the sleekness of its design coupled with the smoothness of the shave it provides brings the phrase “rolls off the tongue” to mind. Slightly worrisome.

The round foils of the blades arc, bend, and depress against your reflection’s contour. This flexibility of the blade-heads gives the whole sensation a real lightness. Automatic stubble sensors, a feature distinct to the ES-ST25K, adjust the triple-blade’s cutting power to various thicknesses of hair. A pop-up trimmer on the razor’s upper back makes styling a cinch. It’s obviously a capable razor, indeed, it borders on complex.

For all this it’s a quick shave in the morning, but the 45-minutes of battery life let you know the razor’s also ready for something a little more in depth, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun—

Coming with a protective plastic sheath and convenient charging station, the slick electric razor stands in its repose, facing outward with a single red charging light. An opulently stylish razor for the face, or screamingly modern body-scaping tool, the ES-ST25K heads up the Milano collection, which Panasonic has created to “meet the needs of all men.” The collection also includes more specific items like the beard trimmer and body groomer. This piece will run you $169.99 at Sears stores across Canada.

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