5 Wardrobe Staples Every Guy Should Have

5 wardrobe staples that every guy should have (Photo: limpido/Shutterstock)

Find yourself eyeing other dudes on the street who always manage to look pulled together and want to be able to do the same thing? With a few key pieces in your wardrobe, you can easily look just as sharp. Start with these five staples and build your look from there.

A good leather shoe

Black leather is more versatile than brown. This shoe should be slightly dressy (how dressy you opt for will depend much on what your work and lifestyle calls for — if you work in a more corporate environment, you might need a dressier shoe than someone who works in a creative field, for example).

Stylish sneakers

We’re not talking about your gym shoes. A pair of fashion sneakers will take you from work (if you work in a casual office) to after work drinks and brunch and errands on the weekends. You can go with bolder colours but consider how you’ll style them as you’ll need them to be versatile enough to wear with most outfits. If you’re not sure of what to get, you truly can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Chuck Taylors.

A cashmere sweater

It might hurt to spend this much on a sweater, but this is a worthy investment piece. It’ll last you for years if you care for it properly, and it’ll help elevate any outfit when you pull on this soft knit sweater. Get one in a neutral colour such as navy or grey.

A classic white shirt

Yes, this is a bit of a no brainer. You can wear it for family occasions, job interviews or even just for your regular day to day life. A crisp white shirt in a fabric that has a good weight to it can elevate your look instantly.

A great pair of jeans

Head to a denim store with a wide variety of brands so you can try on a number of different cuts and styles to see what suits you best — the staff should be able to help you figure out which ones to try on as well. Opt for a pair in a dark rinse–in a deep navy, you can dress up or down your denim with what you pair with it; a hoodie on the weekends, a button-down for the office.

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