The ‘Deadwood’ Movie Finally Gets a Trailer

Above: Ian McShane returns as Al Swearengen

After years of rumours and a handful of production details, fans will finally be able to visit Deadwood once again. The beloved HBO drama, which initially ran for three season over a decade ago, will hit the small screen later next month for a special one-off cinematic event. Aptly titled Deadwood: The Movie, the upcoming adventure will be a faithful continuation of the epic western adventure, centring around feuding powers in gun-riddled, turn-of-the-century South Dakota.

And before you get a snake in your boot, rest assured knowing that all of your favourite characters are saddled up for another big ride, including Ian McShane’s Al Swearengen and Timothy Olyphant’s sheriff, Seth Bullock. In addition to old cowboys, the film will introduce a bevy of fresh faces all ready to make their own mark on the range.

Deadwood: The Movie will debut on May 31, only HBO and HBO-compatible streaming apps. You can watch the new trailer below via YouTube, but be warned… there are a ton of cuss words laced throughout its short two minutes. But, if you’re a true Deadwood fan we probably didn’t have to tell you that.

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