Roll-on a Happy Face

Scientists claim that it takes 62 muscles to frown while only a mere 26 to smile. And when you factor in all the extra wrinkles frowning promotes it really doesn’t seem worth it to be anything but happy does it? Unless, of course, you like aging skin and don’t mind being called Danny Downer, wink, wink.

But what about all of the not-so-smiley moments you can’t control, like stress and fatigue? Well, there’s a roll-on essential oil for that. Scentuals Natural & Organic Skin Care in De-stress, Headache, Sleep, Muscle Pain, Balance and Focus Blends can lift your spirits and enhance your physical health in 60 seconds or less. Seriously.

Each aromatherapy-based roll-on is 100 per cent natural and easy to use, because all you have to do is undo the cap and roll on the therapy you need, whether it’s to promote sweet dreams, add a little focus to your work or ease away the tension in your jaw. Plus, each portable vial is infused with safe to use ingredients and harmonious blends that won’t have you turning up your nose when you swipe one on.

And then there are the healing powers, like peppermint to ease away headaches, ylang-ylang to provide emotional balance and lavender to help you relax while you wave hello to Mr. Sandman. Simply choose the aromatherapy roll-on with the appropriate description, roll its botanical blend on your pulse points and wait for the good feelings to kick in.

Scentuals Aromatherapy Roll-Ons, from $10 each, available online at and at

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