As We Launch Our Personal Trainer Series…

About two years ago I decided to seriously step up my gym routine. I was committed and had worked the gym into my weekly (almost daily) routine. But, like most gym bud complaints… I wasn’t seeing any real, significant results.

I had worked out with personal trainers in the past with varying results, so I was pretty hesitant to run down that path again. Plus, it can be pretty pricey. One day I met Andrew at my gym and on a whim I signed up. I never looked back.

Today we launched the first post in our ongoing “Personal Trainer” series. Of course, I recruited Andrew to help us out over the next few months with his own trainer tips. The idea of the series is simple. Quick and effective exercises that are explained and broken down so that you can work them into your own workout. At home or at the gym.

Wherever you are in your own exercise journey, this may be just what you need to help you take it to the next level.

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