H2O Float Spa In Toronto Touts Benefits Of Floating

Above: Floating allows you to experience total physical and mental relaxation

Last month Toronto’s H2O Float Spa opened its doors for business encouraging customers to float in nearly a foot of water filled with Epsom salt and escape their worldly woes. Basically, offering utter relaxation in a private Dead Sea.

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with the stresses of their life—meditation, yoga, massages—but Toronto’s newest spa concept is making a splash by offering both men and women the chance to experience a new realm of wellbeing with a modern approach to flotation therapy.

What is floating?

Floating is when one floats (surprise) weightlessly on his or her back in salt water at skin temperature. For some the mention of floatation therapy or REST (restricted environment stimulation technique) will prompt memories of Ken Russell’s 1980 sci-fi film Altered States… but, gone are the claustrophobic, coffin-esque isolation pods of the ’80s. H2O’s tranquil space (and similar newly opened Canadian spaces in Montreal and Vancouver) offers a more modern approach.

How does it work?

At H2O Float Spa, there are four private sound-proof rooms that feature two different ways to experience floating. The first set of suites offers customers the opportunity to melt into a sleek enclosed (yet, far from claustrophobic) style pod decked out with glowing LED lights, while the second set of suites offers customers the opportunity to float in an open air pool. Tubs are filled with 10-12 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, which provide visitors with instant buoyancy.

The water (which is continuously filtered and sanitized) and the room’s air are heated to the exact same temperature as the surface of your skin, so you’re not cold during your session, which can last for up to 90 minutes.

Next, you simply float in semi-darkness and relax.

What to expect during your float

Every experience is different, but floaters will immediately notice that the water that they are stepping into feels almost like silk. Music is optional (all four rooms can accommodate personal digital music players), floating is effortless and relaxation is imminent.

Wondering how relaxed you might end up? Don’t be surprised if you find yourself drifting away. It’s not dangerous to fall asleep during your float session, actually, it’s encouraged. Naturally many first-time floaters worry about drowning, but there’s no need to worry. The density of the silky solution is such that it will always support you, regardless of your size or weight.

What are the benefits of floating?

The most commonly experienced benefit of floating is a deep sense of relaxation. Be prepared to announce your state of “zen” (even if you hate the term) to anyone who will listen following your session. Apparently extreme relaxation is inevitable when you step in the salt water and turn off the hectic environment around you.

Have problems sleeping? Floatation therapy is widely recognized for improving sleep patterns and can be ideal for those dealing with insomnia or any other sleeping disorders. (Editor’s note: H20 even offers late night floats for insomniacs and night owls)

Still looking for an excuse to try floating? Other benefits can include: reduced anxiety, lowered stress levels, and chronic pain management. Personally, a recent experience at H20 Float Spa resulted in much need instantly softer, clearer skin.

Of course, benefits will differ from visitor to visitor as each float is a unique experience with endless possibilities… just be careful not to get salt in your eyes.

To find out more about floating and the H20 Float Spa at 138 Danforth Avenue in Toronto, visit their website.

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