5 Habits To Copy From Your Girlfriend

You may pride yourself on being a man’s man but you could gain a lot by copying some of the habits of your girlfriend. We’re not suggesting you go for weekly pedis (although you certainly should—who doesn’t want soft, well-cared-for feet?), but rather some simple habits you can easily adopt without sacrificing too much of your macho front.

Add lemon to your water

Does your GF start every morning with a glass of water with some lemon in it? Copying her will help kick start your digestion while also helping to balance your body’s pH since it’s an alkaline food—maintaining a pH-balanced body is good for your overall health. It’s been linked to a lower risk of kidney stones, for example.

Exfoliate nightly

Nab that facial scrub she uses religiously every night and use it yourself. Scrubbing with a gentle exfoliant regularly will help keep your skin soft and while also helping to prevent blackheads and those ingrown hairs you sometimes get from shaving.

Eat kale

If she’s been baking kale chips like there’s no tomorrow, and you’ve been eschewing them in favour of fries or potato chips (and have been more than a little baffled with her kale obsession), give the delicate leafy green a try. Kale is loaded antioxidants (including vitamin A, C and K) and the tastiness of these dark leafy chips may catch you by surprise. Tip: Add some sriracha and some garlic powder before baking the chips to give them a little kick.

Wear sunscreen daily

If she’s always trying to get you to wear SPF, you should listen to her. Your walk or bike into work sans sunscreen could very well be enough to do some damage to your skin. Wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher will protect you against UV rays and decrease your melanoma risk. You may not like how your pasty arms and legs look, but a tan is not worth risking your health for. Use a sunless tanner if you want a glow (which your girlfriend can probably help you with using, too).

Keep some snacks on-hand

Okay, you don’t carry a handbag, but you know how your girlfriend keeps some dried fruit or almonds in her purse? You’d be smart to follow suit and keep a protein bar in your jacket pocket, or some trail mix in a small container in your gym bag. This way you have a wholesome snack available and aren’t running to pick up a doughnut when you feel sluggish in the afternoon.

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