48 Hours In Hong Kong

Sorry, New York. You’re not the only city that never sleeps. Hong Kong is gunning for your reputation as a 24-hour playground. Thumping nightlight, top restaurants and iconic sights can all be found here. Though now technically part of China, Hong Kong does its own thing and offers its seven million-plus inhabitants oodles more freedoms than folks on the Chinese mainland. And you can bet they take full advantage of them amid the urban din.

Don’t leave Hong Kong without doing this…

Where To Shop

It seems to be the national pastime here.Designer garb is plentiful at some of the poshest looking stores on the planet, including the world’s second largest Louis Vuitton store. Those without a fat inheritance may want to check out the open-air market stalls, for good knock-offs of designer wear, kitschy souvenirs and Chinese knickknacks. Check out Daydream Nation for cool clothes from indie fashion creators, perhaps the Karl Lagerfelds of tomorrow. Shop for the latest electronics at bargain prices at Golden Computer Center. No sales tax means savings for visitors.

What To See

Catch the view from Victoria Peak. Seven millions visitors annually can’t be wrong, can they? This is the spot to catch panoramic views of the oh-so-impressive Hong Kong skyline. While there, you can stroll, eat, drink and shop. The number one activity is taking photos of yourself against the skyline and posting them right away for all to see. When the heat of the city becomes oppressive, you can cool down and catch a breeze here up at 552 metres.

What To Eat

Eat dim sum.This is the real deal. Hong Kong is mad about dim sum, so you’re guaranteed a great meal. Restaurants are super competitive and that keeps prices attractive. For good food and a great view, head up to the 102nd floor of the International Commerce Centre. Dim sum is the Cantonese equivalent to Spanish tapas, where the food is served up in one or two bite-sized portions.

What To Do

Grab some beach time. Hong Kong is surrounded by water, but it’s easy to visitors to forget, given the wall of skyscrapers that separate you from the sea. There are some great beaches in the area. The further you go, say to the outlying islands like Lamma or Lantau, the less crowded and unspoiled they become. Shek O strikes a balance between bustle and barren with plenty of space for everyone to claim a bit of the beach as his or her own. Keep your swimsuit on… Nude sunbathing isn’t kosher.

What To See

Be dazzled by the Symphony of Lights.Victoria Harbour is pretty gorgeous in its own right, but come nighttime, it turns into a magical place, thanks to the Symphony of Lights, a nightly multi-media show that involves 40 buildings being dressed up with coloured lights, laser beams, and searchlights. It’s choreographed to music and has accompanying narration. Catch it from the Avenue of the Stars. There’s no charge, so feel free to spend every last dollar on shopping and dim sum.


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