Jock Yoga Tutorial: Adductor / Groin Stretch

Learn how to perform an adductor/groin stretch (Photo credits: Glenn Gebhardt)

Aside from being notoriously one of the most challenging classes in the country, Jock Yoga’s chosen flows and postures are intended to improve range of motion, strengthen joints, and therefore aid in the prevention of sports injuries.

One of the most common sports injuries cited is a strained groin. A strained groin is a pull or tear in the adductor muscles — the fan-like muscles situated in the upper thigh that serve to pull the legs together. As with most sports injuries, the best way to prevent a groin pull is to stretch properly before exercising.

Today’s Jock Yoga tutorial will lead you through a simple and effective stretch for the adductor muscles on the inside of the upper thigh:

Adductor Stretch:

Jock Yoga Tutorial: Adductor / Groin Stretch

Step 1: Come to a very wide-legged but shallow squat with your toes turned outward—your knees pointing in the same direction as your toes. Hands are on the mat shoulder-width (or on blocks or books to help ‘raise’ the floor for your balance). *Make sure you are on a mat or a surface that is not slippery*

Jock Yoga Tutorial: Adductor / Groin Stretch

Step 2: Bend your left knee more deeply as you walk you hand toward your left side. Your right leg has to straighten here, and as it does, you want to turn the toes up toward the ceiling (DO NOT roll the foot inward toward the floor as it can strain the inner knee). Use the blocks if needed to help support you, and try to keep both heels firmly planted on the mat. Try to sink you bum back as far as you can (bending the left knee), until you feel the stretch on the inside line of the upper right thigh. *You may also feel this stretch on the back of the thigh (hamstrings)**If there is any indication of pain at all on the inside of the extended knee, back off entirely and begin again at a lesser instensity/depth* Hold this pose for a minimum of five deep breaths through the nose.

Jock Yoga Tutorial: Adductor / Groin Stretch

Step 3: Slowly walk the hands through centre while straightening the left leg a little, and beginning to once again bend the right leg. Repeat exercise on the right side. *When you have finished, come back up through centre, and heel-toe your feet in toward eachother a little before coming back up to standing.

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