Studio Lagree In Toronto Targets Men With ‘Pilates On Steroids’

Above: A glimpse inside Studio Lagree's King Street West location in downtown Toronto

He’s made headlines by working with countless Hollywood celebs, and last year personal trainer Sebastien Lagree finally brought his unique fusion of Pilates, strength and cardio training to Canada when he opened Studio Lagree. Months later the highly effective full-body workout has developed a loyal following among health and fitness experts. Curious about the hype? Read on…

Who is Sebastien Lagree?

LA-based Sebastien Lagree is a former French bodybuilder and the architect behind the infamous Megaformer (the first version was called the Proformer), a re-imagined Pilates Reformer machine. After teaching Pilates in the late ‘90s, Lagree became frustrated with its limitations and decided to re-design the traditional Pilates Reformer himself. The goal? To incorporate strength and cardio training into a standard Pilates workout. Lagree’s modified machine and his accompanying workout was a hit with west coast exercise aficionados and the rest is history. He now has hundreds of clubs across the United States which offers his “Pilates on steroids” workout and is expanding into Europe and Canada.

Do men take Pilates classes?

Pilates is often perceived as a “women’s only” activity, but everyone can benefit from incorporating a Pilates-based workout into their routine. Men who take Pilates develop greater core strength, increase flexibility, improve posture and relieve stress. Lagree’s intense 50-minute workout is a highly effective full-body workout and conditioning system for both men and women and aims to tone, build strength and provide energy. Remember Ben Stiller’s ripped physique when he played a narcissistic action hero in Tropic Thunder? That washboard stomach was courtesy of Lagree and his Pilates-based workout.

What is it?

Largely based on the holistic principles of Pilates, Lagree’s method incorporates and emphasizes missing strength and cardio elements to strengthen the core while toning and conditioning the entire body. The experience is described as a “fusion of Pilates, strength, core, cardio/circuit training and stretching into an intense, shirt-drenching, 50-minute exercise experience.” Workouts are available in two different levels for newbies and experienced.

Canadian locations

There are currently two Canadian locations, both located in Toronto (788 King Street West and 435 Spadina Road). More Lagree Studios are expected to open in the GTA, as well as in Vancouver and across Quebec.


The Studio offers an initial group class at $15 and then following group classes for $30 each. Private sessions and discounted packages are also available.

Check out Studio Lagree’s website for class schedules and future studio locations.

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