5 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom

Above: 1. Moss & Mint Reed Diffuser from NEST, Santal Candle from Le Labo / 2. Swing arm wall lights from CB2 / 3. Hammam Towels from West Elm / 4. Simple white storage containers / 5. Low-maintenance plants
Above: 1. Moss & Mint Reed Diffuser from NEST, Santal Candle from Le Labo / 2. Swing arm wall lights from CB2 / 3. Hammam Towels from West Elm / 4. Simple white storage containers / 5. Low-maintenance plants

I will be the first one to admit that the room of the house that men forget about the most often is the bathroom. But it will also be the room that leaves the lasting impression when you bring that special someone home for the night. This is simply to remind you, the bathroom matters. It’s the space we prepare ourselves for the long day ahead, and also the space where we unwind after that long day. Yet, so many home bathrooms look like they need an upgrade. Thankfully, this doesn’t require a full-scale renovation. Follow these five simple steps to a better bathroom.

1. Scent

Not to overstate the obvious, but a bathroom is only as nice as it smells. This is not the territory where you want to remind your guests of their grandmother’s house with your Glade plug-in and matching aerosol can, you need to toss them and upgrade your scent.

I often recommend a one- two punch: a great reed diffuser for all day scent and an artisanal candle for those special occasions. Both should feature masculine notes like leather, cedar, moss, tobacco or myrtle. You want your bathroom smelling fresh and fragrant, without being too floral.

2. Light

Most standard bathrooms come with terrible lighting – either way too much industrial overhead lighting or not enough to be able to see properly.  Your bathroom should have multiple options so it can be spa like and relaxing for those baths for two moments or slightly medical for when you need to work on that skincare regime. If your lighting isn’t up to par, just add a fixture or two. There are many options beyond adding traditional wall sconces, consider sleek pendants, industrial style swing lamps or even a table lamp or two. Look for lighting that plug into standard wall outlets for easy installation.

3. Texture

If you have ever been stuck at an economy hotel you know too well when I say this, places are judged based on their towels. So be sure to leave a good impression by investing in quality towels – that match. I prefer the look and feel of Turkish towels over traditional terry cloth but be warned that some of your less sophisticated friends may call them ‘not real towels’. You can simply tell them these hand-woven cotton towels are traditional in Turkey – the birthplace of modern spas. The advantages to these towels are that they are lightweight, but highly absorbent. Plus they dry much quicker.

4. Storage

No one wants to see your stack of toilet paper. No one. And that toppling stack of magazines is unsightly. If you cannot live without the bathroom magazines, although you should try, stow them in stylish storage containers. Why not go all out and buy a matching storage set to keep your bathroom organized.

5. Go Green

Plants not only liven up any room, they also clean the air. In a bathroom you should go for smaller plants that thrive in moist environments. Go for a few smaller, low-maintenance plants (succulents are perfect) that will fit nicely on your countertop or windowsill in minimalist pots.

Christian Dare

Christian Dare spent much of his formative years working in the fashion industry as a Visual Manager before pursuing a Masters’ Degree in Design. He is the Principal at Christian Dare Creative, the co-founder of Stylist Box and runs a successful men’s lifestyle blog, Christian Dare Edited,focusing on menswear, interior design and craft cocktails. You can find him online at www.christiandareedited.com or follow him on Twitter @christiandare but he is more fun on Instagram christian_dare. 

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