Pimp Out Your Balcony

In dense urban areas, outdoor space is at a premium. But, many city dwellers who score a little outdoor space forget to decorate. If you find you don’t use your balcony often maybe it’s time to have a second look at it. Sure, it’s great that you have a balcony with a killer view but that slab of concrete and sad folding chairs are making your outdoor space unwelcoming.

To cure all your balcony ails, we have compiled a list to help. Here are eight suggestions to pimp out your balcony.

1. Plan
The first step is always to plan. Think of your balcony as an extension of the room it sits adjacent to because you want a natural flow from your living room or dining room out to your outdoor space. (Ensuring people will naturally want to step outside) You need to put just as much thought effort into its design as you did for the rest of your space. That extra outdoor space can easily add 150 square feet to your humble 750 square foot condo – use it wisely.

2. Coordinate
This may seem obvious but we have seen many first timers make the mistake of trying something completely new in their outdoor space. So while we applaud their bravery, the space probably feels disconnected and disjointed. Remember, you can see your entire balcony from inside thanks to all that glass. Make it coordinate will help make your indoor space seem bigger too. Pick similar styles and colours but perhaps add a different pop of colour.

3. Make it fun
Don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern and colour. Just like in your home, keep the larger items in neutrals or solids that work with the rest of your space. But perhaps opt for some fun patterned cushions or a rug with a bold stripe. And don’t be afraid to mix and match. Print on print is very popular these days. Further, since you invested in neutral larger pieces, you can flip out those throw pillows in a few seasons.

4. Maximize function
Now you are probably working with a tight space but think about how are you going to use the space. Is it for dinner with friends? Then opt for a larger table. Is it more for lounging? Opt for some great outdoor seating and a bar cart. Multi-use? Think about the uses. If you are planning only eating out there in the morning and on your own, perhaps a small cafe table to the side. This leaves lots of space for an outdoor living space. Map the zones and check the functionality.

5. Make it green
It always amazes us to visit outdoor space with no plant life. Why be outdoors then? Make sure you incorporate greenery to create a more lush look. You can opt for some great planter boxes with seasonal plants and flowers. Or even consider larger tropicals you can pull inside for the winter. You can even grow a small vegetable garden. Or better yet, an herb garden that’s great for cocktail garnishes and homemade syrups. Adding greenery will also help with privacy.

6. Fix that floor
This might be the easiest thing you can do and make the biggest change all at once. Hide that concrete floor. You can opt for outdoor floor tiles or an outdoor rug. Vendors have really stepped up their game with outdoor rugs that look like great indoor carpet. Instant colour and much softer on your bare feet. Want to add some green with little care? You can AstroTurf you whole floor. There are some great realistic grass carpets on the market these days. WE even spotted one at Canadian Tire that is the perfect condo balcony size – long and skinny.

7. Light it up
Just like your indoor space, lighting makes a huge difference. It greats a mood and enhances the overall feeling. Consider hanging string lights if you want a more well lit space. But if you want a more moody space, opt for some oversized floor lanterns. No plugs? No problem. There are lots of solar powered options on the marker in every price point and design option.

8. Seating
This might be the area where you have your biggest investment, outdoor seating and sofas have gotten pretty fancy over the years. And with the added design comes the added price point. So choose wisely. And remember, sit on it first. Is it comfortable? Could you easily lounge on it? Take an afternoon nap? Think about how you want to use it. If you want something more minimalist and are short on room, consider great outdoor chairs like the Alcapulco chair or Solair chair. Need extra seating on the go? A stack of floor cushions or multiple poofs could do the trick.

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