Watch the First 15 Minutes of New CBS Show ‘Salvation’

Above: The cast of the new dystopian thriller 'Salvation'

Despite what you may have heard, summer television isn’t at all lacklustre. Aside from the generic game shows and reality junk, there’s always an under-the-radar gem ready to be watched. Last year for example, we were treated to American Gothic and Animal Kingdom; two new adventures that were unexpectedly great. If you have yet to give those aforementioned shows a try, go do so immediately. This year, the summer’s most underrated program could very well be the new CBS program, Salvation.

The dystopian thriller is set in a world where earth has only six months before a cataclysmic asteroid wipes out everyone and everything on the planet. Naturally, the premise of Salvation delves deeper into how humanity reacts to the news and how experts attempt to evade their impending doom. It’s a nice dramatic break from the mind-numbing offerings on primetime television right now, and we can all hope that it lives up to its potential.

To help promote Salvation to would-be viewers, CBS has partnered with Entertainment Weekly for a special preview of the show. Launching today is an extended 15 minute clip of the drama, which you can see in full below. Salvation airs on CBS next Sunday. It stars Jennifer Finnigan (Tyrant), Ian Anthony Dale (Hawaii 5-0), Jacqueline Byers (Roadies), Shazi Raja (High Maintenance), and Rachel Drance.

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