Watch The Just-Released Trailer For Season 2 Of Netflix’s The OA

Remember The OA? Three years later, The OA Part II is coming back. Netflix has just released a trailer for season 2 of the much-loved (and loathed) original series.

The OA debuted in December 2016 and followed Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), a young woman who suddenly resurfaces after being missing for years. She dubbed herself The OA and, now with her vision restored, refuses to share what exactly happened to her. Her one goal now out of captivity? Helping the other missing people by opening a portal to another dimension.

The season ended with a school shooting and OA and her team completing the “five movements” (basically an interpretive dance) in front of the shooter. She was shot and seemingly dying. As you can see, that wasn’t the case.

Netflix’s official description of The OA season two: “The ‘mind-bending’ story returns with The OA Part II, which follows OA as she navigates a new dimension, one in which she had a completely different life as a Russian heiress, and one in which she once again finds herself as Hap’s captive.”

Watch the mind-bending season two trailer below:

The OA Part II starts streaming on Netflix on Friday, March 22.

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