DELAKTIG: Swedish For Tom Dixon Collaborates With IKEA

Over the past few years, there has been a step rise in design collaboration. Normally, these collaborations have been been limited to the fast fashion industry or sneakers. But not anymore. They can even be part of your home design now. Enter IKEA x Tom Dixon’s collection called DELAKTIG.

I am sure none of our readers need an introduction to IKEA. But Tom Dixon may not be so familiar outside the design world. He is research-based designer that has been featured in many of the world’s best museums. He has a successful design studio in London. But life wasn’t always that way for Tom. He dropped out of art school, played bass in the band, ”Funkapolitan”, and taught himself how to weld and eventually produce furniture. His approach to design is anything but safe. Moreover, he has never been one to think inside the box – an obvious quality that both him and IKEA share.

Dropping this month, IKEA and Tom Dixon have collaborated on a capsule collection called DELAKTIG. The entire concept behind the design is bringing the idea of an open source ”platform for living” to the average consumer. The collection features modern sleek aluminum frames and plush upholstery. Consumers can play and create their own versions of sofas, chairs, and more. This is done so in the spirit of challenging design conventions and the upholstery industry. DELAKTIG invites anyone to add to it, or completely change it. The consumer is part of the design process itself.

DELAKTIG Swedish For Tom Dixon Collaborates With IKEA - 2

The modular seating all come with an aluminum base but in many shapes and configurations – chairs, loveseats, chairs, beds, etc. So not only can consumers chose the shapes of their seating but they can mix and match their colour choices (the colours come in light grey, dark grey and dark blue. Additionally, the dynamic duo also designed accessories; add-ons to complement the platform. Accessories include side tables and lighting options. Multiple combinations are possible to suit different looks, activities and lifestyles. And you can always change it up as your living needs evolve.

The DELAKTIG collection will be available for exactly one year at your local IKEA, so don’t wait too long.

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