Universkin Offers Customized Skin Care

Finding the right skin care products to keep your skin looking fresh as it ages is challenging. After all, no one has exactly the same skin type as you. In recent years, consumer demand for more personalized grooming products has skyrocketed and, as a result, personalized personal care products have become a reality.

Generally we are sold skincare products to suit about five different categories: dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, aging skin and problem skin. But what if you have aging skin, and are still prone to oiliness? Traditional over-the-counter products will focus on only one category and you may be doing more harm than good by tackling what seems to be your biggest skin problem.

That’s where Universkin steps in.

Universkin is a line of custom-made serums from France that has finally made its way west. The bespoke skincare products are made specifically for your skin and your unique skin concerns offering a potency of ingredients and formulations that drugstore, department store, boutique and mass brands simply cannot match.

“No one wants anything ‘cookie-cutter’ anymore. But it especially makes sense in skin care,” says Dr. Stephen Mulholland of SpaMedica in Toronto. Universkin is stocked at SpaMedica’s sleek clinic in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood

“No other skincare [brand] is doing this—for most brands, customization means a base formula and a handful of serums to choose from and add to it,” says Dr. Mulholland.

That’s not the case here.

From the individualization standpoint, Universkin has 19 pharmaceutical-grade “Actives” available in 57 possible concentrations, which can be used to create a staggering 1,159 unique formulations. The serums are highly active, to target various conditions from pigmentation, acne and sensitive or eczema-prone skin, to wrinkles or loss of volume.

After a comprehensive consultation with a Universkin-trained medical aesthetician, highly customized medical-grade serums are mixed on the spot for you to take home. These one-of-a-kind formulations will help address your biggest skin concerns, whether it is stressed skin; wrinkled skin and loss of volume; inflammation including redness, inflammatory acne and rosacea; dry skin; thick skin that may have blackheads and comedones; oily skin; lentigo, melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

“When I talk to my patients, I call Universkin the big guns,” says Dr. Mulholland.

“The Actives are powerful and the base formula to which they are added is, in itself, strong and effective. Department-store brands, even the most potent, have to be concerned about a wide range of people and they keep things moderate.”

He adds: “With Universkin, we can tweak it and the concentration of Actives can be increased. We can alter your formulation at any point. That’s important when you are using powerful skincare ingredients.”

Welcome to the future of skin care products.

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