Editor’s Pick: Aveda Firmata Hairspray

Above: Aveda's Firmata hairspray
Above: Aveda's Firmata hairspray

The competition for title “best hairspray” is stiff, but this is my all-time favourite hairspray.

Through the years I’ve probably tried every single brand of hairspray on the market and Aveda’s Firmata firm hold hair spray remains my favourite. Seriously. In fact, last year I raved to my friends at The Kit, assuring them the product was my own one-minute miracle.

I was originally drawn to that trademark Aveda herbal scent, but Firmata’s ultra-firm hold is what keeps me coming back for more. The reason? My hair is pin straight… and it takes a little bit of work go get my messy, pushed up and everywhere style. So, every morning it’s the final spritz before I dash out to begin my day. Plus, it gives your hair just enough shine.

Ringing in at $24.00 a bottle, it is slightly pricier than average drugstore brands, but trust me… it’s worth it.

Christopher Turner

AmongMen’s Editor-in-Chief is a well-respected fashion and style writer whose works have appeared in Fashionism, Fashion Television, MSN, DesignLines, the Kaboose Network, the Disney Family Network and Sun Media. He also has a collection of designer kicks that would make Imelda Marcos blush and lives in Toronto’s trendy east end. Follow him at: @Turnstylin.

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