Fragrance Of The Month: Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited EDT

Above: Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited EDT
Fragrance Of The Month: Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited EDT

For four years, Bottled Unlimited EDT has been a part-time favourite, seasonally spritzed on and then retired to allow the German luxury brand’s bigger, bolder, more dominant eau’s to have the limelight. Not any more. Now, with Boss Bottled’s 15-year anniversary, the modern and masculine scent has achieved perennial status. Here’s why it warrants its stay.

Like its predecessors, Unlimited is classic and elegant, the liquid embodiment of a well-dressed man who is as equally comfortable in his designer suit as he is in a pair of faded jeans. The fougère-style fragrancewith its herbaceous DNA has also been invigorated with iced violet leaves and zesty pineapple, elevating it to a new and modern level. Further energizing the aromatic blend are refreshing mint and tart grapefruit notes, which grab your attention before being swirled into a sultry, warm mix of cinnamon, rose, sandalwood and musk. The overall effect is confident and alluring, sexy and undeniable.

Reinforcing the eau’s worthy presence is its signature cylinder shaped bottle—a standout in a sea of unity. Because this time, the traditional clear glass has been replaced with opaque white featuring green and black lettering, making it a permanent stand out and spritz.

Hugo Boss, Bottled Unlimited EDT is $98 for 100 ml, available at Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada.

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