Seth Rogen Debuts New Teaser for ‘Black Monday’

When Seth Rogen isn’t too busy handling transit announcements for his hometown of Vancouver, the funnyman is hard at work on new movies and television shows. Now more than a decade into his writing and directing career, the creative has churned out some classic comedies like Superbad, Sausage Party, and the incredibly meta This is the End.

Now the Golden Globe nominee is focusing more on the small screen with a new project called Black Monday. The series will debut on Showtime next year and will be written and produced by Rogen alongside his longtime collaborator, Evan Goldberg. The two have worked together since they were teenagers — they initially came up with the idea for Superbad while they attended Point Grey high school the 90s.

Black Monday will tell the story of the titular market crash on October 19, 1987. While most experts attribute the stocks falling to overvaluation and program trading, Rogen’s show will place the blame on a group of wacky characters who manipulate the system. Confirmed cast members include Don Cheadle, Regina Hall, Paul Scheer, and Yassir Lester. Comedians Eugene Cordero, Casey Wilson, Ken Marino, and Kurt Braunohler are also locked in.

You can check out the trailer for Black Monday below via Twitter.

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