Design Rules: 10 Things You Should Never Have In Your Home After Age 30

Above: A few things you should never have in your home after you turn 30

Once you hit 30, you realize you are now officially an adult. You’ve working on a great career, you’ve got a retirement savings plan but your place still looks like you are still in college. These are the 10 things you need to give up or throw out now that you have hit 30. Your girlfriend, and your mom, will thank you for it.

1. A futon

This just might be the biggest offence. It was a great option for a inexpensive bed in college but now you are just holding on it in your living room for when friends stay over. No one wants to sleep on it and it makes a terrible sofa. Move on.

2. Art or posters taped to the wall

And yes this also applies to posters attached to the wall with tacks.  We are not saying throw out the art/ art poster but invest in framing. If you can’t afford custom framing, go to places like IKEA and frame it yourself at home.

3. Fake plants are never acceptable

You had the right idea, every home can benefit from a little greenery but stick to the real stuff. Look for low maintenance options and toss those dust magnets.

4. Plastic glasses and dishware were first created for children to prevent them from breaking glasses

Are you a child? Enough said. Next.

5. Accent walls

I know some designer on television convinced you that this was a good idea in the early 2000s but it will instantly make your space look dated. The original intention of this design concept was to enhance a space by creating a focal wall but it does the exact opposite.  If you are ready for colour in your space, own it and paint all the walls that colour.

6. Inexpensive comforter and sheets sets that came all in one package, also known as a bed-in-a-bag

Yes, they are easy but they are often made up of low quality bedding and will leave your spacing looking more motel 6 than hotel chic. Most bedding departments/stores make it easy for you, they group the coordinating sheet options together. Live a little and mix it up.

7. Temporary furniture

We have all committed this design sin, you don’t have a lot of money and you want to furnish your space as quickly as possible. The only problem is that it never lasts and it often leaves your space looking like a catalogue- completely devoid of personality. It is better to take your time and invest in a few key pieces that last.

8. The TV stand that came with your television and only cost you an extra 20 bucks

Save the $20 and hang your television on the wall.

9. Empty bookcases

Why do you own a bookcase if you can’t fill it with books? Buy more books and read more. To add more interest, mix in some interesting objects and storage boxes.

10. The wrong sized rug

There is nothing wrong with being a minimalist and having bare wood floors in my books. But a rug does help finish a room, just make sure you get the right size of rug for your space. A good rule of thumb is opt for the biggest possible rug for your space.

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