Designing From Instagram: Easiest Way To Find Interior Inspiration

Above (clockwise from left): Interior inspiration from Grant K Gibson, Deana bottom, Colin and Justin and TRNK

Finding inspiration for your interior spaces can be time consuming; combing through magazines, books, or visiting design shows can take it toll. But a growing number of people are turning to online resources to get inspired on how to upgrade or re-design their spaces. A recent announcement from Pinterest suggested that men only account for 25% of members, so where are the men turning to for inspiration? Instagram.

Behold, the first instalment of the AmongMen guide to design on Instagram. We’ve done a deep dive through the sea of selfies and found the feeds that will actually make you envious of others’ interiors. No need to worry about FOMO – just follow these 10 accounts and create your own enviable living spaces.

1. The caption for this account reads, “Skulls, booze, and Eames.” That’s all we’ve ever wanted in an interior. Curators and founders of TRNK, Tariq Dixon and Nick Nemecheck run a feed that’s perfect for guys looking to inspiration to help upgrade their own spaces. Very New York, very modern and a little bit hipster.

2.Are you young and hip and it your pad in need of a serious upgrade? Then look no further than Deanva for help. A quick scroll through this feed will help any guy be cooler, hipper, and more stylish. Well, at least their spaces will be in the end.

3. Interior Report’s offers up a very broad based interior design feed that covers everything from modern minimalism to old-world charm.

4. If you are the type of guy who shops J.Crew then you will want to follow their chief menswear designer, Frank Muytjens. His feed chronicles everything in his daily life – from the city grind to his stylish country house.

5. The Scottish design duo of Colin and Justin, are internationally known for their mash up of impeccable interior design and DIY how-to.  Follow them along for updates on their latest projects for clients or their latest summer home remodel.

6. It will come as no surprise that we have included designer Jonathan Adler on this list. His Instagram feed captures Adler’s fun filled approach to life and design. If you take design seriously, skip this feed or maybe loosen up a little and give it a try.

7. Canadian interior designer, Tommy Smythe, has a fun and playful approach to design and interiors. His feed will leave you feeling inspired and wanting to be his best friend (and not just for the design tips).

8. Interior designer Grant K. Gibson is known for his love of vintage. We check this feed multiple times a day. Highlights include great graphic prints and delicious food. This man has the perfect eye when it comes to design, which also translates into perfectly composed photos.

9. If your interior style tends to lean more towards minimalism, then Cereal Mag is the feed for you. This Instagram will have you grabbing the nearest can of white paint and de-cluttering your space.

10. On the other end of the scale, if you are ready to incorporate more colour into your life and into your space, you need to start following Bright Bazaar. Interior designer Will Taylor will inspire you to embrace colour.

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