The Artist Project Toronto 2016: New Canadian Artists To Know

Above: 1. Pornigami Aika by Harv Glazer / 2. The Good, the Bad and the Vibrant by Evan Sharma / 3. Posterity by Richard Ahnert / 4. Messiah by Todd Monk / 5. The Visitation by Maureen O’Connor
The Artist Project Toronto 2016: New Canadian Artists To Know

Every year The Artist Project Toronto brings together newly emerging and established artists from across the country and the globe to exhibit their wares to the public. What is great about shows like this one is that they make art more accessible to the general public and the general public usually gets to meet the artists (and even buy the works on site). Here is our round up from this year’s cohort of artists to look out for in 2016.

Harv Glazer is an award winning multidisciplinary artist who also works in music videos and feature film. His artwork revolves around the concept of pornigami (his own creation). Pornigami lies in the postmodern space between traditional nudes, pornographic and mathematics. The subject matter of the human body, in all shapes and sizes, is explored through its bend’s, fold’s and twist’s with the same precision as ancient art of origami.

Evan Sharma This artist is by far the youngest showcasing at The Artist Project – he is only 12 years. The self-taught artist’s work could be best described as influenced by the impressionist. His subject matter is more often than not celebrity and other pop culture figures. Look for this artist to grow and mature – translation: get his work before it gets too pricey.

Richard Ahnert first started his career as a graphic designer before he turned to paining. You can see the graphic design influence in his work through the combination of wit, satire and accessibility. His paintings place animals within the human context and thus create a new narrative that can also be read as social critique but it is done with a warm touch not an iron fist.

Todd Monk could still be considered an emerging visual artist who has already received multiple acclaims from the public and critiques alike. His visions are vibrant, methodically slathered acrylic spectrums that come together as large, luscious paintings that explode with colour and ooze with sensuality and style. His stuff is sexy without being crude.

Maureen O’Connor is an award winning, art-based photographer whose work focuses on architecture and still life. Her work always seems to capture an implacable and haunting space with striking simplicity and beauty. She is a master of light and composition.

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