Designed For Winter: Iconic Blankets

Above: 1) The Hudson Bay blanket, $395 / 2) Timberline blanket from Pendleton, $350 / 3) Military blanket from Faribault, $200 / 4) Gettysburg blanket from Woolrich, $115 / 5) Avalon blanket from Hermès, $3225

If you haven’t noticed already by now winter isn’t coming, it’s here.

There are many ways to keep warm over the winter but one of the best ways to keep you and your love warm is a great blanket. Plan that perfect night in: light the fire, pour some wine and cuddle under a blanket (yes, cuddling can be manly). The title of perfect ‘man blanket’ just might belong to the Hudson Bay blanket, reminiscent of an army blanket but with a higher design quotient.

The Hudson’s Bay blanket was first introduced during the eighteenth century during the fur trade in the Canadian frontier. These wool blankets were used as currency to trade for fur pelts; the thin black lines running along the side became shorthand to identify the size of the blankets without having to unfurl them. Three and half lines meant twin sized, four lines indicated double, six lines was a queen, etc.

But if the Hudson’s Bay 6 point blanket isn’t right for your interior, there are some other great choices for wool blankets from heritage mills like Pendleton or Faribault. And if you want to seem like a baller to your girl, opt for the Hermès .To help you pick the perfect wool blanket, look at the microns. Lighter weight blankets will have microns of 18-23 (ie Merino wool), for a heavier weight blanket look for microns of 27 to 35.

Stay warm!

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