We Tried It: Conair Even Cut Circular Haircut Kit

Above: Conair's easy-to-use Even Cut Circular Haircut Kit
Above: Conair's easy-to-use Even Cut Circular Haircut Kit

Product: Conair’s Even Cut Circular Hair Care Kit
Who tried it: AmongMen contributor E. Spencer Kyte
Retail price: $49.99
Available: At Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Canada

If you’ve ever shaved your head – either down to the wood or just short enough that you didn’t need to comb it – you know that using a standard pair of clippers can be challenging. From making sure you don’t miss patches on the back of your head to the simple mechanics using clippers, getting things right takes time, practice and experience, plus a double-check from your significant other, you know, just in case.

Conair is trying to help with the introduction of the Even Cut Circular Hair Care Kit. Featuring stainless steel blades that cut in any direction, the Even Cut puts a clean, level style in the palm of your hands.

There are a lot of things to like about the Even Cut.

For starters, the fact that it’s cordless is a huge plus for anyone that has spent time trying to make sure they’ve got things lined up in the back and had to deal with a pesky cord getting twisted up around their neck. Pack it with a charge, flip on the power and you’re off to the races, working all the areas of your head without strangling yourself. (Note: charge it up before you use it for the first time or else it will never ever be fully charged.)

Secondly, the Even Cut comes with a bunch of guards that allows you to get the level of shave you prefer. You might be thinking, “But my clippers have guards too” and you’re right, but here’s the difference: with your clippers, you have to really keep your hand level and make sure the blade is flat at all times. Because of the Even Cut’s palm-of-your-hand design, there are no “am I holding this right?” concerns; you just lock in the guard and get down to business.

Next up, the design is smooth and if you’re a long-time home head-shaver, the first time you use the Even Cut, you’re probably going to wonder (most likely out loud), “How come no one came up with something like this sooner?” There’s no finding the right angle to hold the clippers or torque your wrist to ensure you’re getting that little spot in the back of your head because instead of being a cutting tool on the end of a stick, you’ve now got circular blades in the palm of your hand. It’s a beautiful thing.

Lastly – and this might seem basic to some people – the fact that conair hooks you up with decent storage pouch to keep track of all the guards, the scissors, the oil et cetera is awesome. There is nothing worse than buying a trimmer or clippers that have myriad pieces and zero storage pouch because you either have to (a) break out a Ziploc bag to hold the pieces, which looks a little ratchet or (b) run the risk of losing pieces. Neither are great.

Thanks for the storage pouch, Conair.

If there is one negative element about the Even Cut it’s that using it without any guard still doesn’t get your all the way down to the wood. It gets you close, but if you’re someone that likes your scalp to feel like sandpaper when you’re done shaving your head, you’re still going to need to break out your regular clippers to get rid of that last little bit of hair that remains.

E. Spencer Kyte

E. Spencer Kyte is a freelance journalist based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, where he lives with his wife and dog. In addition to his work here, he writes about sports for Complex Canada and covers the UFC for various outlets. His mom also still tells him what to do on a regular basis, even though he’s nearly 40. He tweets from @spencerkyte.

  1. So, what happens to the hair? Because it’s Conair, I had assumed it had a vaccuum to pull hair up and catch cut hair in something above.
    That doesn’t seem to be the case.
    If no vacuum, really light hair would not be evenly cut, so I guess I won’t be buying one

  2. Mine won’t hold its charge , it runs slow unless I leave it plugged in.
    can the battery be replaced or is it pooched?, its only about a year and a half old.
    Thanks in adavance.

  3. Your product is the best ever! I am a senior citizen with thinning hair, I really like a short haircut, and after three haircuts with Conair super cut kit, it more than pays for the initial outlay. I recommend this product to all my friend. Look to a decline in barbarshop businesses. Thank you

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