Adidas Announces New Release Format

Above: The official app is shutting down this year

Earlier this summer, we reported that Adidas was switching things up online by overhauling their Confirmed app. The popular mobile tool, which has been the main resource for copping official Adidas gear, was shut down in July and promises were made that a new tool would be available soon.

Well, it looks like sneakerheads are finally getting their wish, as the athletic giant announced a brand new format earlier today — and for what it’s worth, things are looking pretty darn streamlined. Packed with foolproof features, the brand new app is shaping up to be a much easier counterpart to the previous (and sometimes clunky) option.

According to the company, the new format will live through the Adidas app, and will require its users to create a verified account. Once you register, the service will prompt you with notification sliders, so that everyone can stay ahead of any upcoming drops. Once a desired sneaker has its launch day, users will be able to select a size before being given a fifteen minute window for purchase confirmation.

With this new and improved outlet being phased in, it will hopefully allow for smoother and more clear cut transactions. The news was made via Adidas Originals’ American twitter account, but we expect the service to be active and available for global consumers in the very near future. You can check out that tweet below.

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