Q&A With Adrien Sahores, The Face Of The Hugo Man Fragrance Campaign

Above: Model Adrien Sahores shooting the Hugo Man fragrance ad campaign

Hugo Man ambassador Adrien Sahores has been making fashion headlines since he was offered and signed a modeling contract on the spot while shopping back in 2009.

In this new interview we ask the Parisian model for a few personal details on creativity, individuality and what it was like working with supermodel Freja Beha Erichsen on the new Hugo Boss Campaign.

AmongMen: What was the feeling like on set at the campaign shoot?
Adrien Sahores: The vibe on set was really good. Honestly, everything was nice and there was a really good mood. We had professional people on set so it was easy to work.

AM: What is the campaign about?
AS: It’s about being true to yourself with a confident attitude and having nothing to prove.

AM: What was it like working with Freja Beha Erichsen?
AS: I was really surprised because we didn’t know each other; we first met on the set. I felt close to her really soon because I think we have kind of similar personalities. When we were on the set we started to film, and after a few minutes it was like we were good friends. Honestly, she’s really cool.

AM: What’s your favorite rule to break?
AS: Just rules – you break the rules and that’s all. I don’t like rules so much.

AM: When do you feel most creative?
AS: You feel creative if you are surrounded by people who are open-minded. On the shoot there was space for a lot of creativity. At the same time though, just having fun with my friends and going out. There’s already a lot of creativity because we do a lot of crazy things.

Q&A With Adrien Sahores, The Face Of The Hugo Man Fragrance Campaign

AM: What makes you the individual you are?
AS: Something really important to me is respect for others – being respectful to everyone you know and everyone around you. Treat people like you’re equal and never feel like you are above someone.

AM: What type of music do you listen to?
AS: Rock n’ roll, soul, jazz, I love flamenco, Brazilian music, African music.

AM: What is the best advice given to you?
AS: A lot of people have given me a lot of good advice. If not I think I wouldn’t be here.

AM: Which location would you most like to visit?
AS: Kenya, Brazil. I’d also like to travel in the USA because it’s so big and there are so many states and different cultures. Even in Europe there are hundreds of places to go.

AM: Do you do any unexpected things on holiday?
AS: Sometimes when I go to a new city I like to go for a run, and at the same time take a look around. It’s a nice way to view a city, it’s more dynamic.

AM: What’s the most unexpected location you’ve visited?
AS: A small city in Mexico. I think they’d never seen a European man. It was very unexpected because it was the kind of place where nobody goes. It was amazing.

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