Panasonic is Dropping a Shoe Deodorizer

Above: The Panasonic MS-DS100
Above: The Panasonic MS-DS100

We’ve got some amazing news for your favourite pair of beater shoes. Look, we know that you love your Converse Chuck Taylors, Adidas Stan Smiths, and Nike Air Max 97s, but sometimes you need to show some TLC to those trusty kicks. Panasonic knows this all too well, because their crack design team have developed some brand new gear that will breath new life into everyone’s shoes.

Dubbed the MS-DS100, the fresh tech is a high-end sneaker deodorizer that will surely bless your musty closet full of worn creps. Judging from Panasonic’s official press release, the MS-DS100 is armed with advanced ion particles, also known as “nanoe X,” which will dissolve and eliminate odors that are produced by nasty foot sweat and bacteria.

When the device is set in shoes and it’s all powered up, the “nanoe X” is activated and comes out from a total of six outlets. These then spread to every corner of the shoes to remove smelly odors in the inside of the sneakers all the way from the heel to the toe. The MS-DS100 also comes with two separate modes, which allow for a better and more optimized clean. The “normal” mode will last about five hours of operation, and the more intense long mode runs for about seven hours to remove what Panasonic calls extra “stubborn odors”.

You’ll be able to cop the new technology when it drops next month, on Thursday, September 20. In the meantime, stay locked onto Panasonic for more updates. If you need some help removing stains from you white Chucks, revisit our easy step-by-step tutorial here.


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