About Face: Weleda Men’s Shaving Cream, Moisture Cream and After Shave Balm

Let’s talk about your face for a minute. You take it with you to work, make it smile across the table at your SO and put it through a series of expressions so that you can keep your conversational word count to a minimum.

Now let’s talk about your face and shaving. You like to keep your stubble well groomed, so that on bare-face days it’s easy to remove with the razor. You’re no longer a soap and water kind of guy, but you also don’t have a seven-step grooming process.

Let’s talk about the correlation between your face and its health. It’s why you work out and not just on your biceps, get your spinach and carrots in, take your sleep time seriously and have even, cut chemicals out of your skin and shave care products by switching over to Weleda Men’s Shaving Cream, Moisture Cream and After Shave Balm.

Paraben and sulphate-free, this holy trinity of skin and shaving products not only helps you achieve the perfect shave, it keeps itchy, irritated and red-looking skin at bay. Plus, it’s replete with gentle, soothing, smoothing, softening and moisturizing ingredients such as, the almond and pansy extracts and goat’s milk in the Shaving Cream to soften your facial hair for a clean and close shave. Jojoba seed oil and marshmallow root are infused in the Moisture Cream to deeply hydrate your skin, soothing, calming and banishing razor burn, while chamomile, aloe vera gel and coconut cool and nourish with each splash of the After Shave Balm.

Now let’s look at your face and see how happy and healthy your skin looks. Very.

Welled Men’s Shaving Cream, Moisture Cream and After Shave Balm is $14.50 – $23, available online www.weleda.com.

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