How To Groom Your Way Into Summer

How To Groom Your Way Into Summer

Hello summer weather; goodbye excess body and facial hair, rough skin and unattractive feet. That’s right, it’s time for a little grooming maintenance. Here’s what you need to know to get tank top, shorts and sandals ready.


Why: You want to wear a tank top, shorts and swim trunks without scaring small children, no? That means starting with removing the unwanted hair from your back, legs, chest and even under your arms. “In anticipation of wearing less clothing men need to wax a few body parts,” affirms Toula Bintas, co-owner and aesthetics expert at Allazo Skin Care in Toronto. Having less hair not only looks better, it helps control sweat as damp hair traps oil and dirt within and on the body area and can create unpleasant body odour, as well as physical discomfort. “Chest and private area hair does not have to be waxed, but should be trimmed and groomed, to help prevent the sweat factor.” Don’t forget about your eyebrows, the back of the neck and toes knuckles. “It can also be waxed just for a clean and smooth feeling.”

When: Every four to six weeks and here’s no time like the present to get started. You don’t want to be caught off guard when you get a poolside invitation. “The more often you wax the area the skin will become less sensitive,” says Bintas.

How much: From $15 for smaller areas, such as the eyebrows, ear lobes and the back of neck to $48 for larger areas such as back and chest.


Why: “Men should trim their beards back in anticipation of the hot humid weather, because it will help to keep them cooler,” says Bintas.

When: Every four to six weeks, depending on the rate of growth of your hair. Note: “your beard hair will grow faster in the summer because your face will have an increased exposure to vitamin D.”

How much: From $14.


Why: According to Bintas, pedicures should be a year-round, must-do service. “Having a pedicure improves your overall foot health and helps relieve stress,” says Bintas. “It helps keep your nails in good condition so you’re not prone to ingrown toenails or other foot conditions, like athlete’s foot and fungus.”

When: Every six to eight weeks is the golden rule. That said, “your hair and nails grow faster in the summer so you can up your timelines to every four weeks, starting now until the fall,” advises Bintas.

How much: From $45 for a standard pedicure to $60, depending on how fancy you want to get with special treatments like a skin-softening Paraffin Dip.


Why: Exfoliating your skin helps to remove dead skin cells, dirt, grime, sweat and other impurities, like clogged pores. “We’re more active in the summertime so our skin produces more sweat,” affirms Bintas. Factor in the humidity, smog and pollution and there’s a lot that simply can’t be washed down the drain with soap and water. Scrubbing with a face and body exfoliating product can be done by an expert in an aesthetician’s salon or spa and it can also be down DIY-style at home. Just make sure to choose a product containing grains of salt, sugar, rice, micro-sized beads and/or kernels from seeds or nuts.

When: Every other day for DIY exfoliation in the shower; once a month for in-salon.

How much: For an in-salon facial: From $150 to an in-salon Body Treatment: From $250. DIY products like Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Scrub Foam are available in 150 ml for $15 at The Face Shop and La Mer The Body Refiner are available in 200 ml for $160 at Holt Renfrew stores across Canada.

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