Summer Swimwear Primer: Tips To Look Your Best

Summer Swimwear Primer: Tips To Look Your Best

It’s that time of year when you spend your weekends trying to cool down on the beach or poolside. It’s that time of the year where you need to re-examine your swimwear wardrobe. It is time to try them on and have an honest look in the mirror. Do you look your best in them? Moreover, do you feel confident? If not, it’s time to go shopping for some new swimwear options.  Follow our simple tips to find the right trunks for you.

Know your needs
Not all swimwear is created equal or for everyone. Are you planning on lounging by the pool all day or jumping in the pool for multiple laps? You will need different options depending on your physical activity. Opt for swim briefs if you want to swim some laps. For most other occasions we suggest opting for swim trunks. The perfect swimwear choice for most are trunks or swim shorts. These shorter style swim shorts looking just like your everyday shorts but made in lightweight fabrics.

Show some thigh
Who wears short shorts? Well, until most recently almost everyone did. Moreover, we are slowly seeing them making a comeback. Unless you are a surfer, why do you need board shorts? And anytime you’re shirtless, short shorts still look best and proportionate. Trunks should stop at least a couple of inches above the knee; they should hit you mid thigh. You want to look for 4″ inseam (if you dare) all the way up to a 6″ inseam. Anything longer than these 6.5″ from Bather Trunk Co will probably be too long.
Summer Swimwear Primer Tips To Look Your Best - Summer Faves
Don’t wear them too baggy
We see this mistake all the time on the beach. The same rule applies on the water as on land, if your clothes do not fit you probably you do not look your best. You may think you are trying to hide something with your overly baggy shorts but they just look silly and awkward. A small trick we learned, if you can fit more than a bottle of sunscreen between your shorts and your leg, they’re too baggy for you. Plus, if the legs are too wide you risk giving a peep show on the beach when you sit.

Always check the fabric
Nothing is worse than shorts that take too long to dry; soggy shorts are the main reason  chafing and swimmers rash happens. Opt for nylon or polyester, or a blend of the two. Opt for fabrics that are at least 75 percent synthetic dry faster.

Make a statement
Pools and beaches are among the few places where bold graphics and bright colors dominate. Every year we see a return to retro inspired prints from the 60s and 70s. Patterns run the gamut from small graphic geometric prints to tropical leaves and even vintage florals. They are all acceptable. Just choose your favourite. To make a great statement on the beach or pool, may we suggest checking out Mr. Turk or Parke & Ronen or Orlebar Brown or Onia.

6. Skip the stretch
If you are worried about your midsection skip elastic waistbands. Trust us. Picture a rubber band wrapped around a water balloon, not pretty right? That’s what an elastic waistband looks like around any extra pounds you might be carrying around with you. Instead, look for flat-front, board-short-style trunks with laces or a drawstring to flatter your torso.

You can also wear them out
If you manage to snag yourself a pair of amazing designer swim shorts with a graphic pattern, don’t be scared to wear them off the beach. Most brands are very quick-drying and can easily pass as shorts. Make sure they aren’t too shiny and that they have pockets and snap-front closures like classic shorts. This is a great way to find printed short shorts that seem to be rare in the sea of classic khaki shorts. Just throw on a collared shirt or polo and you can wear them out.

Never, ever wear underwear under them
We have seen this far too many times. We understand you may be modest and those trunks don’t have a liner but underwear will stay wet forever and lead to discomfort. If you are really concerned someone might get a peek, wear a swim briefs underneath.

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