About Face: The Innate Life Beard & Hair Elixir

Above: The Innate Life Beard & Hair Elixir
About Face: The Innate Life Beard & Hair Elixir

Good things happen in threes. The Ying to that Yang is that so do the bad, like dry skin, dry scalp, dry hair. Blame it on the weather if you like. Wintertime with its brutal windy, snowy and icy-cold outdoors combined with a blazing, indoor thermostat all contribute to your state of dehydration.

Lotions and hair conditioners definitely moisturize the surface of your skin (your epidermis), and will absolutely give your itchy, dry, scratchy feeling some relief. At least for a day or until you hop into the shower again. Oils on the other hand, do a little extra work and actually repair and restore your skin and scalp’s pH levels back to where they should be—all the way down to the dermis (the deeper layer of your skin that resides beneath your epidermis).

The big deal about your skin’s pH levels is that the lower it is the more dehydrated and wrinkly you’ll feel and look. Your pH is your skin’s potential hydrogen, which in a nutshell means how acidic your skin is. The more acidic your skin, the lower the pH level. Ideally, you want balanced skin so that you can avoid all of that nonsense and have a smooth, soft and hydrated epidermis and dermis. But you’ll need a deeply penetrating and hydrating product to get there. This is where using a good beard and hair oil comes in.

Products rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K combined with rosehip, sea buckthorn, rose otto and black cumin oils, like The Innate Life Beard & Hair Elixir, are high in nutrients like essential fatty acids and antioxidants and will protect your skin against the elements, infuse it with deep hydration, repair damage and seal in moisture. Plus, it will provide double duty taming frizzy, unruly hair while adding shine, smoothing out fine lines and leaving a light musky scent that just plain smells good.

The Innate Life Beard & Hair Elixir is  $25.42 and is available online at www.theinnatelife.co.

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