A Home-Scent Gadget She’ll Love, But Was Actually Made For You

Above: The Aera smart home fragrance device
A Home-Scent Gadget She’ll Love, But Was Actually Made For You

Like women and diamonds, men and gadgets go hand in hand. Although ironically, most women don’t really appreciate the amount of time we spend talking about, browsing online and basically eating, sleeping and breathing the latest tech toy. Even when they’re wearing said diamonds. So what if you could have a gadget you know she’d appreciate and you’d have fun with?

No, you are not to be confused with the vibrating, recliner chair with a beer mug coffee cup holder you gave her for Christmas. Or the electric carving knife you bought yourself gifted her with for your fifth anniversary. This is all about the iPod docking station look-alike: Aera For Home Starter Set. And while it may appeal to her senses literally, it was actually made for you.

Think of it as an innovative, fragrant version of her favourite scented candles/diffuser oils/room sprays, but in gadget formation. Sleek with a white exterior, the device consists of a circular fragrance capsule that is administered with the touch of a finger. Once activated, it immediately begins emulsifying the liquid scent into teeny tiny molecules that mist throughout the air. You can’t see them, but you’ll appreciate them for the next 60 days or 1,400 hours, whichever comes first. You can program how much scent floats around too, from citrus, fresh and woodsy to floral, herbal and clean options, and how often you want the scent to be released and when and where—all from your iPhone.

You’ll need it too, after last night’s BBQ fish dinner and the fresh-from-the-rain wet dog smell. And she’ll thank you for it. But you’ll want it because it’s a gadget and it looks cool.

Aera For Home Starter Set with the device and one home fragrance are $189; additional scents are $47, and all are available at Aera online.

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