H&M Home Makes Upgrading Your Interiors Easy

H&M Home Makes Upgrading Your Interiors Easy

Over the past several years, men have become increasingly interested in fashion. In fact, there is even statistical proof to back that claim; sales in menswear are on the rise. Even the type of men who don’t seem to know the difference between a khaki and a chino, have now embraced fashion. Unfortunately this newfound appreciation for aesthetics doesn’t always translate into a man’s interior. Here’s our easy fix, shop for your home where you buy your clothes. No, we are not suggesting hitting your local department store to outfit your whole family like our parents’ used to do in the 1960s. Rather, we have a much more fashion-forward option: H&M Home.

H&M Home recently opened up in Canada and promises to change the way you decorate your space just like the way it changed how many of you dressed. We waited for all the hoopla and crowds to subside to check out if it was really worth it to our readers. And here is what we found – there are great options here for your home. There is everything a man could need for his home: from bath towels to bedding to throw pillows. Yes, we said throw pillows. Every man could use a few – just don’t buy two matching ones and stick them at each end of your sofa. No one decorates like that anymore, not even your mom. We dug deep and found our top 6 items to upgrade your humble abode.

Linen bedding: Once reserved to men who could afford to drop over $500 on a set of sheets at Restoration Hardware, linen bedding is now available to the masses. If you have never slept on washed linen, you and your partner are in for a treat. Why upgrade your bed with linen? Besides being incredibly comfortable for you and great in the summer heat, your sleepover guest may come back more often. And who doesn’t want that?

Graphic pillows: Finding great throw pillows that feel modern isn’t always easy, luckily H&M home has them in spades. Mix and match them in the same colour tones.

Beaker chic: Add a little geek chic with one of these chemistry beakers turn vase. Great for any kitchen or bathroom.

School inspired storage: These metal wire baskets remind us of classic locker room storage; perfect for sorting and storing your mail or line them up in your closet to keep yourself organized.

Moss knit throw: These are a great classic and are available in multiple colours. Perfect for cozy nights watching television.

Jacquard-weave bath towels: Normally, we are more of a traditionalist when it comes to bath towels. Classic white always works well but step up your game with some subtle pattern with these terry towels with a jacquard-weave zigzag pattern.

Check out the whole home collection at hm.com.

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