Improve Your Living Conditions: Low-Maintenance House Plants

Above: 6 of our favourite low-maintenance house plants

Winter creates a whole new set of problems when you live in a more northern climate, with the heat cranked up to high your skin and breathing begin to suffer. Every man should own a humidifier to help keep his skin in best shape during the winter months but every man should also consider adding house plants. Low maintenance houseplants cannot only improve the moisture level in your home but also improve the quality of oxygen in your house. We understand that no one has time for high maintenance indoor gardening, so here is a list of low maintenance house plants that will improve your space (health wise and design wise).

1. The Monstera

This is a great low maintenance plant with high design impact. This broad-leaf plant grows wildly and with the proper care, can reach over eight feet in height. This plant originates in the Mexican rainforest, as such it fares best in hot and humid conditions. Make sure you keep it in direct sunlight, and only water once the top layer of soil feels dry to the touch.

2. The Snake Plant

An easygoing smaller plant option is the snake plant. This houseplant features thin, pointy leaves with a snake-like patterned; it can survive in almost any type of light, but thrives best in the sun. When it comes to watering, less is more – only offer up a drink once the soil feels dry. 

3. The ZZ Plant

You can easily add a touch of nature (and greenery) to your perfectly arranged mantle, kitchen counter or nightstand with the ZZ plant. This graphic plant is far from fussy and will do just fine in either bright or low light; it loves the heat. In fact, the only way to kill this plant is through overwatering. Watering tip: wait until the top layer of soil is dry before giving another pour. Watch out for yellow leaves – they are a sign of a heavy watering hand. 

4. Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis)

While it is true that many members of the orchid family are difficult to grow and care for, the Phalaenopsis is not at all. Named for the delicate, wing-like shape of its flowers, the moth orchid will hold its arch of blooms for four to five months. Watering is easy: place one ice cube on the soil once a week. This is the perfect single plant for your coffee table.

5. Cacti and Succulents

Hands down, the most notoriously resilient plant is none other than the cactus. But consider a more modern update with succulents; these ornamental beauties come in an endless array of shapes and colors. Some don’t even require soil to grow – air plants.  Both succulents and cacti can go weeks without watering, but be sure to provide a generous amount of sun.

6. Kentia Palm

This just might be one of the most common house plants – you can even buy Kentia palms at IKEA these days. A low-light lover, this plant gets more beautiful with age as each new leaf grows larger than the preceding one. Minimal watering required – it likes to dry out before getting wet again.

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