Kitchen Tech Must-Haves: What Every Man Needs

Over the past few years, kitchens and kitchen appliances have gone high tech. The home cook has been inundated with new gadgets and appliances that help you bring restaurant quality cooking into your own home. There’s the pasta machine, and of course, a sous-vide. But what if you aren’t really a home chef? Fear not, these are the four kitchen tech gadgets every man needs to step up their game in the kitchen. And make every day tasks even easier.

Nespresso Expert
The Nespresso brand has built a reputation for great tasting coffee at the press of a button. Instant delicious espresso or other coffee beverage at your fingertips any time day or not without the hassle of grinding beans or frothing your own milk. How could it be any easier? Bluetooth. That’s right, the Nespresso Expert has added in technology so that you can make that coffee while you are still in bed via your smartphone. What could be more impressive than making your partner fresh coffee from bed?

It seems every man these days, whether they hit the gym on the regular or the occasion, enjoys a liquid breakfast. Protein and fruit shakes have taken over our morning routines. They are a quick and healthy option when you are limited in time in the am. But not every blender lives up to the task of blending kale into a smooth drinkable beverage. Enter the Vitamix E310, which can puree just about anything. This may seem like the high end option but it will do just about anything you need. This is perfect for anything from your morning shake to a great hearty soup in the winter. And it has a self clean. With a drop of dish soap and warm water, your machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds—no disassembly required.

What could be worse than having no soda when you bring a date home and you can’t make the vodka soda they asked for? With Sodastream that will never happen. Their latest, the FIZZI, is powered by a CO₂ canister, allowing you to enjoy sparkling water wherever you go. And at any time. This will save you many late night to the store when you are playing home bartender. Plus, it will also help you hit your eight glasses of water a day – after all, sparkling water is still water.

Convection Toaster Oven with Pizza Pizza Drawer
This just might be the ultimate guy appliance. Not only can you can toast bagels in the morning but you can cook the perfect pizza at night. But this isn’t like every other toaster oven. The built convection technology means that it will cook things faster and move evenly. But what we love most is the dedicated pizza drawer that is perfect for pizza but also great for bruschetta or quesadillas. The extra large capacity also means you can cook a roast, or a chicken, without having to turn on your large oven.

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