Upgrade Your Bedroom Routine

Above: Guys, it's time to upgrade your bed (Photo: Gustavo Toledo/Shutterstock)

You have managed by some stroke of magic to charm your partner with your jokes and your oh-so-suave knowledge of jazz. Then it all goes downhill when you take them back to where the magic is supposed to happen and your sheets are nasty. C’mon man—this should be a priority! In this fast paced world where every aspect of your life needs to be ‘picture perfect’, we have rounded up the best tips and tricks for your bed.

1. If your sheets show signs of fading or staining, it’s time to throw them out and buy some new ones.

2. The best sheets feel good; it’s not about thread count. Even the highest thread count doesn’t ensure the softest sheets. You want to touch sheets and see how they feel. Stick to 100% cotton or try washed linen.

3. Easiest rule for your bed: stick to all white bedding. It always looks crisp and clean.

4. If you are ready to get more adventurous in bed and aren’t we all? Try buying three patterned sets that look handsome together and mix and match them. Your bed will instantly look like you hired a decorator to style it out. Sound daunting? Stick to menswear patterns: pinstripes or herringbone, and stick to a neutral colour palette so they all work together.

5. Strip the bed once a week. This is a must.

6. If you have three sets of matching sheets in rotation, they’ll last longer. And you will never miss out on spontaneous action because your bed is naked on laundry day.

7. Just like you dress warmer in the winter, so should your bed. Invest in some flannel sheets for winter and a wool blanket. Keep the wool blanket folded at the foot of the bed.

8. Ditch that comforter you had since college and invest in a feather duvet. And here size does matter, if you have a queen size bed then you should buy a king size duvet and duvet cover. It will fit your bed better and make it look more inviting.

9.  If you really want to impress your bed partner, invest in a feather bed. That’s right, feathers under you and the feather duvet on top of you. They will leave you bed telling others it was like sleeping on a cloud with you. And that can’t be a bad thing, now can it?

10. Make your bed every morning because you never know who will stop by.

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